Friday, February 27, 2009

It's {un}Offiicial!!!!

I am {un}officially in the 140's!!! Why the {un} you ask.. well... that's beacause the dumb cow at WW last night refused to write it in my book. Here's how it wet down:

I get on the scale, it's flashing between 149 and 150. She doesn't wait for it to stop, and when it *does* stop (on 149) she says.."Oh well.. I already started writing 150, so we'll go with that."

I was peeved!!!! {grrrrrrrr}

Whatever {pshhh}... I'm doing my points like I'm in the 140's, so.... while I'm happy to have gotten outta the 150's, I am not so happy to have lost another daily food point. Oh well.... such is life on the WW plan. ;-)

In other news, I am almost totally recovered from my illness. I feel sooo much better, and I can finally swallow without feeling like my throat is a cutting board at Benihana. I am also in the dire need of some new clothes. My jeans and pants are all too big. I've gone back to wearing my lounge pants and even those are looking awfully saggy and sad. My swimsuits are also getting too large. They are quite baggy in the bum area, and ladies let me tell ya.... we all know what a swimsuit that's too big in the back looks like..... ;-) NOT a fashion statement I wanna be makin'.

So, when we go down to LA for Cohen's birthday in another week I will be making a much needed stop at the mall. WooHoo for new clothes.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Sick... {blech}

So, it was bound to happen eventually. Everyone has been sick in my litle fam. They only one that's seem to escape it is Cohen. He had a little cold, but is doing great now. But Mars and Ash are still fighting it, and are on antibiotics. Ash is getting better.. but Mars is worse; goopy eyes, runny nose, cough. Poor baby girl.

I got a sore throat Wed, after skiing. I was hoping it would go away... but that night I had a horrid fever and could barely swallow. I hardley ate at all yesterday, and I felt like I had been hit by a Mack Truck. I bailed on WW because I was just *not* feeling up to it. Plus, Ricky was sick to, and I felt bad ditching the kids with him while I went.

Last night I was almost in tears because of my throat. I couldn't swallow and just wanted to die. I went to the Dr today and its not strep, but that means is viral. Basically he said.."Get some Chloraseptic and go home." Gee.. thanks. :-( (btw~ Chloraseptic is N-A-S-T-Y!!!!)

So I did.

I am feeling a little better. I've been sucking down tea like it's goin' outta style. It's the only thing that seems to help. The good news is.... I haven't eaten much of anything the last couple days. (the mere thought of swallowing anything more than soup terrifys me. lol) So, I think I've lost another pound just the last few days. LOL I am on the verge of being on the 140's and I couldn't be happier. :) I haven't been in that range since before I got preggo with Cohen.

I'm hoping I'll be on my to 100% by the weekend. *fingers crossed*

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ski Day!!

Ricky and I went skiing today. It was awesome!!! Totally gorgeous and about 40 degrees. Super nice. And... it kicked my butt! I have my WW meeting tomorrow and I'm hoping to be down at least another pound. I had 4 points left over last night, as well as tonight, so... I'm hoping that'll help a little bit.

I hopped on the scale this morning and it says I'm down another pound, but.... we'll see what the WW scale says tomorrow night.

No matter what... I am so going skiing again this weekend. Well.. as long as it isn't snowing. And, as long as my mother-in-law is feeling better. She watched the kids for us today, but was feeling really crappy tonight.. she has a cold or something. So, we can't really ask her to watch our kids if she's sick. That would be mean.. haha.

I'm gonna try and do my Tae Bo DVD tomorrow morning... we'll see though. I haven't been able to get up early at all this week. And once the kids get up, there is no way I can work out. *sigh*

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Stupid Freakin' Valentines Day!!!

AGGHH!!! Frickin Frickity Frick! Stupid stupid holiday and it's stupid candy!! LOL Soooo... I told myself I would be good V-Day. DH and I went to a steak house for dinner, and I had actually saved up my points for the day so I would be okay. And I was... until we got home.

We ate at like 5:30pm, trying to beat the rush, and so when we got home I was still hungry. *sigh* I had some ice cream (not the best choice.. but I wanted chocolate, and it was light ice cream!) which put me over by 6 points. {crap} So I wanted to be good today.... but no. My MIL brought stuff over to make spaghetti and garlic bread. {damnit}

And I actually did okay. I had eaten my points for the day.. but then... then the Hershey kisses were calling me from the cupboard. {double crap} So I ate 2. Then I had another piece of garlic bread... {crapity crap}.


I really am mad at myself. I know I only went over by 6 yesterday, and like 6 today, and I get the 35 extra "Allowance Points" each week.... but still!!!! I was doing FAB!!!! I normally *never* use my Allowance Points. But, then I had to go and mess it all up. Stupid stupid....

On the up side... I *am* going skiing tomorrow, so that'll burn some calories. And I refuse to go over tomorrow. I'm actually gonna try and stay under. I figure... if I can get some "Activity Points" for going skiing, then *not* use them for food, and stay an additional 4 points under for the day..... that *might* make up for my horrid weekend. maybe.... maybe...

So that's the plan. Wish me luck.... and hey.. at least I can actually fit into my ski pants now. ;-) go me!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

WW update!!

Had my WW meeting tonight, and I'm pleased to report... I lost another 2.4 lbs!! WooHoo!!! So... I'm down 12 lbs since we started this challenge. I am really excited. :-)

I'm hoping to lose another 8 lbs by the 24th of March. Why the 24th you ask?? Well.. that is the day of my hubby's Grandpa's HUGE 80th Birthday bash, and I am gonna look freakin' HOT at that party!! I am determined. I know I can do it... 8 lbs in 5 weeks... totally doable. ;-)

And my reward: ahh... a fab new dress!! And more than likely some uber fab new shoes. ;-) hee hee Hey.. you can't have a new dress without new shoes to go with, right?!

Still on the hunt for the perfect dress, and shoes.. ;-) I will share a pic when I find them!


Okay, so obviously my goal is to be thinner and healthier. But I have an additional goal as well. One of my fellow Losers mentioned that she wants to run a 1/2 marathon this year. It got me thinking... I should have a goal like that. So, I decided to run a 5K. But not just any 5K.... I am going to do the Race For the Cure 5K!! I have always been a big supporter of breast cancer awarness and figured this was a great way to help 2 fab causes at the same time. One being the Susan G. Komen Foundation, the other being the Get Whitney's Fat Butt in Shape foundation.. haha

I'm planning on doing the Nov run in San Diego. I'm gonna talk my SIL Cyndee into running with me. It'll be a fun little vay-kay down to San Diego for us, and our men and kids. ;-)

So, that's it.. my *other* goal.... Run the 5K Race for the Cure!! I think I'll do great, just need to start training... that may be the hard part.. haha.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Ski Pants....

So, I have this pair of North Face ski pants I bought my freshman year of college. I put them on in Dec when Ricky and I took the kids to the Night of Lights in Mammoth. While I was happy I could still zip them up (hey.. it's been 9 years and 3 kids later.. I was impressed okay?!) I was not happy that I had a sweet fat roll hanging over the top and I could barely breathe when I got them on.

I really wish I had taken a picture of myself in them at the time, but I wasn't thinking.

Anyhow..... I put them on today because Ricky and I were gonna take our almost 3 year old skiing today. (yes.. I know it's sounds nuts.. but she wants to go and everyone in Ricky's family was on skis pretty much from birth... haha... Karilyn can vouche for me on that one can't ya Kar?!!) Sooooo... I put them on and.... not only could I zip them up, BUT I had room in the bum area, I could breathe and... get this... they were actually LOOSE!!!!! WOOHOO!! Stoked doesn't even begin to describe my feelings at the time. hee hee I know I'm thinner than I was in December, the scale today said I'm down 11 lbs. My clothes are fitting better, but the ski pants... now that was just freakin' cool! I could totally tell , and see, the difference and it felt GREAT!!!

I'll have to take a pic of me in them tomorrow. We didn't get to the slopes today... too much stuff that we ended up having to take care of around the house, but maybe Friday.... ;-) Anyhow... just had to share my exitement.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

WW weigh in!!

I went to WW tonight and WooHoo!!! I hit my 5% goal! Super stoked. :-) I'm aiming to lose 10+lbs this month. Ricky's G-pa is turning 80 on Mach 24th and I wanna be all hot and skinny for his party next month. So if I can lose 1o this month, and then another 8 by the party next month.... I'll be uber excited!! That'll put me at 137lbs. That's almost to my High School weight. :) Go me!!

First month down!!!

Today marks the end of the first month with the BL Challenge. I did pretty good. For just doing WW, and actually being off it for the week we were in the hospital with Mars (she's home now and doing great!!).. I lost 10lbs!!! I'm pretty proud of myself.

My goal next month is to lose 15lbs. I think if I work out everyday I can do it. I didn't work out at all this month, and I still lost 10lbs.

I have WW again tonight I know their scale is off a bit from mine, and I don't go until 5pm, so I have to take into account that I'm wearing clothes and have been eating all day. It kinda sucks. LOL I wish we could do nakie weight at WW.. haha. In private of curse! Or at least have them deduct something fo our clothes. I'm sure mine weight at least a pound. hee hee