Friday, May 29, 2009

A small??? no way......

This month has totally flown by!!! Seriously.... I can't believe it's almost June!! WTHeck happened to spring?! LOL

I must admit.. I haven't done too hot this month. There are too many freakin birthdays in our family in April and May. I did go to WW last night, and I am down another 2.8 lbs... putting me at 132.6 lbs. BUT I was hoping to be outta the 130's by now. I really wanted to be in the 120's when I went to Utah in June to buy my new clothes.

But.. seeing as how I don't think that'll happen.. I broke down an bought a couple things the other day at Old Navy. And I was SHOCKED to discover I am now... a SMALL!! WTH?! When did that happen?? I have never been a small. Always a Med.. always... but not now. :) I stood at the clearance rack (ya.. clearence.. I'm cheap.. lol.. gotta save money where you can). So, as I stood there... looking at the meds, and the smalls... I was conflicted; Grab a medium, my old trusty friend... always was a med.. why would it change now... OR... go for a small. A brave new world in a size small...... dare I????? I dared.. hee hee

I grabbed a small in two tops and a skirt, a pair of capris, and a maxi dress. And wouldn't you know it... THEY ALL FIT!! And not fit like.."Oh, I can just squeeze my fat ass into the pants" fit.. but an honest to goodness "FIT like they should fit" fit!! I didn't try on any numbered sizes.. although in hind sight I really should have. But I had the girls with me, and Ash was being whiny and I didn't really have time, or energy.

I still can't believe it. I'm starting to wonder if ON has started making their clothes bigger, and an old Med is the new Small... (on a side note~ if this IS true.. don't tell me... lol I'd rather live in the idiotic bliss that I am really now a true small... haha).

But really.... I still feel "fat". I mean.. I have lost 33lbs... but I'm now back in my HS mind set, that I'm not too fat... but I could still stand to lose a few lbs. Truly I want/need to lose about another 10-12 lbs. That would put me at 120 lbs.... I would LOVE to be at 120 lbs. Even below that would be great.. like 115.. or even... dare I say... 110!!!! I know that I will have to work my ass off to get there. I can't just skate through it like I have been (just doing the WW thing... no working out)... I'll actually have to get my lazy self up off the couch and start exercising. LOL But I know it'll be worth it. I just need to remind myself that I CANNOT settle with this weight. Yes.. I am less than I was in HS (if only by 2 lbs.. less is less kids) BUT... I need to remember that in HS I wanted to lose a few lbs too... so I shouldn't change that now. Everyone is telling me to stop...that I'm "skinny enough"... but I know that's not true. They are just being nice.. or jealous... not sure which yet.. lol.

SO... my NEW goal is to get to 120 by the time my reunion rolls around in August.... I really think I can do it.. I just need to be MOTIVATED!! Not only that.. but I need to workout! I don't just wanna be skinny.. I wanna a rock hard bod.

So wish me luck kids... and, I just wanted to thank all those who comment on my blog. I am so bad about that.... I really appreciate those who take the time to comment to me. :-)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Doing well!

I meant to update last Thursday, after WW... but have been uber busy.

I am pleased to announce... I lost 2.2 lbs last week!! WooHoo!! I was really surprised actaully. I didn't think I did that well, so I was stoked! I am only 5 lbs from my WW goal. (Probably less now.. :)

I know I have said it before, but I have to say it again... WEIGHT WATCHERS IS AWESOME!!! It's the BEST program ever!!!!! The weight just keeps coming off, and I'm excited to see how low I go. As of yesterday I was 1 lbs LESS than I weighed in high school. :D I have always been curious as to what my "real size" was. Ya know... like some people just *know* they will never be a size 0, or a size 6. I always figured the smallest I could be was a 6.. ya know... an average "skinny" size. But now that I've lost over 30 lbs, and am still losing.... I'm curious what size I will end up at.

Most people can tell by looking at their families. Well.. my mom never weighed more than a 100 lbs, until she got preggo. Even then... she lost it all after she had me, and my sister (respectivly). I think now she weighs 120, or so... and she's on WW to "loose weight".. LOL She's a little nuts. haha. My dad was heavy as a child, but lost all his extra weight when he hit puberty. (The same thing happened to me and my sister.) He works out daily, and watches what he eats, but for the most part.. his "chubby" days are behind him.

So... in looking at my family: Super skinny mom, and kinda average dad... I dunno.... It would be great if I could get to like a 2 or 4. But we'll see.

Right now, I know I have more to lose. I still have fat rolls when I sit down. I can grab more 'chub' than I should be able to around my middle. And my legs and arms need to be more toned, a lot more toned. haha

I have no clue what size I am now. I haven't tried on pants in months! Like... since October? I do know that my 10's stopped fitting me ages ago, and my 8's are also huge.... they fall off when I'm just standing there. The only pants I have that fit me right now.... besides the yoga pants (which are also getting baggy) are my Silver jeans and they are a 32 (Euro sizing) and big. I need a belt or they fall off. I'm gonna *guess* I'm about a 6 right now... *maybe* a 4.. a large 4.. haha

We are going to Utah next month for a wedding and so I can go shopping. I will be at my goal weight by then (I hope anyway.. only 9 more lbs to go) so I can FINALLY buy new clothes. I can't wait!! It'll be so nice to have clothes that fit me again, not to mention finding out what size I am. hee hee

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Weigh In Day!!

We had our big weigh-in today.... I only lost 5 lbs this month. I'm kinda bummed with myself, as I KNOW I could have done better had I not slacked off at the bridal shower, my sisters birthday and Ashy's birthday. Oh well... at least I'm back on track.

I don't really have anything inspiring to say... LOL... it's kind of a *blah* week.... ;-)

Friday, May 1, 2009

WW meeting last night

Had my WW meeting last night. I was pleasently surprised to see that I had gone down to 137. Only 7 lbs from my WW goal, and only 12 lbs from my BL goal. I really need to start walking again. It's kinda rainy this morning, but I'm thinking of getting the dog and going out anyway. Ricky can watch the girls for a little bit while I go on a walk. I would hate to drag them out in the chilly morning weather.

Some other "yay me" news.... I got another 5lbs star sticker at my WW meeting last night. It's always nice to get those.... makes me feel special. haha I'm thinking I can get to 130 by mid June... and then hopefully reach Lifetime status by August....which means... NO MORE PAYING FOR WW!! WooHoo!! That'll be nice. It's only $40 a month, but hey... $40 is $40! Especially in this economy. ;-)

Oh ya.... I found out when my 10 year HS reunion is; August 8th. So..... I have until then to get to my ULITIMATE goal of 125lbs. (I'd love to hit 120... but we'll see what happens.) Wish me luck kids!!