Monday, March 30, 2009

1/2 way pic, and coming to Utah!!

Sorry for the lack of posts. My sister had a baby last week so I've been down at her house visiting for the last several days. I'm home now.... but not for long... we leave Wed for Utah for a few days! All my fellow BL's that said they would meet me for lunch, I'll be in Orem, so... anywhere in Utah Co. is good for me. It's looking like Friday, noon-ish... is the only time I'm free. So.. anyone who wants to meet up... let me know! I'll try and check the blog before I go but if you do wanna meet me... you can call my cell (801) 735-8365. If I don't answer leave me a voicemail.


Oh yes... and I thought I should post a halfway pic for your enjoyment. This is from last Tuesday, at my hubby's G-pa's 80th birthday bash. My goal was to have lost 20 lbs by his party.... and I'm pleased to say I did it (actually... the morning of the party I was down 21lbs!!)!!! Only 20 more lbs to go!!! That's me on the right, in the black dress. My SIL Cyndee is on the left, she's joined WW with me.... and the shorty in the back?? That's my other SIL.... Karilyn!! LOL I love ya Kar!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

WooHoo!!! 1/2 way there!!!!!!

FINALLY... F-I-N-A-L-L-Y the scale has moved!!! It was hovering at 149 lbs forevahhhhhhh!!! I was seriously ready to chuck out the window. I was getting really frustrated and felt stuck.

But.... I hopped on the scale this morning nd I am pleased to announce it read..... {drum-roll please.......} 145 lbs!!!!!! That's halfway to my goal chicas, and only 10 lbs away from my high school weight (which in all honesty I'll be happy with once I get there).

So yes.. I am super stoked to go to WW this week and get my 10% thingy. I can't wait, and I am so happy that I broke thru my first platau. It was getting really annoying. ;-)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Another month down....

So, we had the big weigh-in this morning. I was really bummed cause I was only down 6lbs this last month. :( I know I should be happy I lost anything, but after losing 10 lbs the first month... I was really hoping I would keep up that pace, or at least be a little closer to it.

Oh well!!!!

It's a new month and I know what I have to do. EXERCISE!!!!!! I haven't done any type of exercise at all since we started and I know it's crucial to a new healthier lifestyle. I was just doing the WW thing, watching the pounds fall off... but all the while knowing it wouldn't last for long. Guess I hit my wall with that. *sigh* My hope now is... by starting to workout everyday I will get back on the losing streak. ;-) Here's hoping anyway.

It's just sooo hard to find the time! For those who don't know... the hubby and I are currently living at the ski/fishing lodge his G-pa ownes in Cali. We also work here. So while it's great that I can bascially "work from home" and have the kids with me all day (okay.. that one's kind of a double edge sword.. hahaha) it makes it hard to find the time to workout. If I open the office in the morning I have to be all set to go by 8am. Not too bad, except that's usually after a not so restful night with a nursing baby, so I'm not in the mood to get up any earlier than need-be to work out. Then, by the time I'm done working (keep in mind I have been doing the mom thing all the while I'm working in the office as well), I usually have to get dinner ready, then get the kids to bed, then I'm wiped and wannna sleep. If I don't open.... I usually close, so... I can't do anything at night as far as working out. Those are the days I really need to get up early and do something physical. But alas.... I just enjoy sleep far too much. Not to mention.... Ricky has a bad back and so usually he ends up sleeping out in the living room in his recliner. So I'm not sure he'd like it all too much if I turned on my Tae Bo DVD at 6am and began working out in front of him. (He too values what little sleep he gets.. haha)

I really need to just find 20 mins in the afternoon or mid-morning and just DO IT!! No more excuses. Once the weather gets a little better I plan on walking everyday, but it's still too cold out to do that. I'm a fair weather walker/runner. haha