Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Stuck again....

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. DH's laptop has been in the shop for over two weeks, and my phone won't let me post new entries or comments to Blogger. Weird!

Anyhow... I'm borrowing my MIL's 'puter right now to post a little update. :-)

I *was* doing really great... I had lost 3 lbs in one week! I was sooo stoked! Then..... I went to my sisters house for a few days and BLEW it!!!! I got home and had gained 2 lbs back!!! I was sooooooooooooo mad at myself. I haven't gained AT ALL this whole time... and then... bam! Just like that I gained 2 lbs in one weekend. :-(

I'm back to 138, but *should* be at 135 right now. This means I now have 5 weeks to lose 13 more lbs in order to reach my goal by June 5th. I'm not sure I can do it, but I'm gonna try.

I've hit a plateu again. It seems that as soon as I enter in a new bracket (140, 130, etc) I hit a wall. It happened when I hit 149 too. I was there for 3 weeks before the scale started moving again. I'm really hoping the scale will start moving again soon. I was pretty lax this weekend about tracking my points. We had my SIL's baby shower, and Ashy's birthday party this weekend, so.... I really didn't count points this weekend.

I'm back on track as of yesterday... and doing good. I have my WW meeting Thursday and hope to have lost at least another pound before then.

Anyhow..... I'll try and post another update this weekend.... but who knows if we'll have the computer back or not. *sigh*

Friday, April 17, 2009

Another Milestone Reached!! WooHoo!!

I hopped on the scale the other day and am pleased to report that I am OFFICIALLY in the 130's!! WooHoo!!! 138 to be exact! I am soooo happy!! Only 13 more pounds till I reach my goal and only 3 lbs away from not being a liar on my drivers license.... haha!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

PiCtUrEs!! 24 lbs LOST!!

So.... I'm just past the halfway point with my weight loss. Melissa wanted people to post some "before and "after/during" pics. Soooo..... here ya go!!

And I swear I normally wear cuter clothes, but this is the best outfit (short of taking a pic in a bikini.... not happening anytime soon peeps!! lol) I have to show off my loss. And I normally wear make-up, but it seems that everytime I remember to take a pic of my progress.... I don't have any makeup on.. ha ha.

These are "mid-way" pics since I'm just past my halfway point. ;-) Just 16 lbs to go!! Wish me luck kids!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

April Weigh In!!

I am really proud of myself this month. Even with Ricky's grandpa's 80th birthday party, Cohen's birthday party, and the Girl Scout Cookies that my two sisters-in-law brought from Utah to sabotage me, hahaa, I still managed to lose 8 lbs in March. Go Me!!! woohoo!

I also added some workout DVD's to our Q on Netflix. I can't wait to get them. I really need to start getting in shape. The WW diet is only gonna get me so far. I've lost weight, but now I have flab.. gewww. I know I say it every month... "I need to workout." But this time I mean it! I've started walking with our dog in the mornings. It's just hard because Ricky has started to run in the AM to and we can't both be gone at the same time (there's some law about leaving young children home alone... pff! haha), so..... I need to wait for him to get back, and sometimes.... he doesn't get back in time for me to go. We're still working out all the kinks in that plan. ;-)

Once it gets nicer out, we're gonna start walking to the park with the kids in the evenings again. But it's not quite warm enough for that yet. Plus... the kids are lazy and they don't always wanna walk back home and they are too heavy to carry. LOL Once Ash gets better on her bike, Ricky can ride bikes down there with her and Cohen, while I walk with Mars in the stroller.

I'm also gonna start tanning again. Yes I know it's A-W-F-U-L for me and I'll get cancer and wrinkles, and yada yada yada..... I don't care!!! I loved tanning in high school. I looked fab, and I was going through old pics a few weeks ago and came across one of me from my freshman year in college. I was up at Central Michigan Univ visiting my BFF and a few other friends. I was all tan, skinny, blonde.... hot! hee hee Ricky saw the pic and was like..."Um.. you're hot. Can you look like that again?"

So, ya... I'm gonna get tan. Maybe I'll do it the safe way, from a bottle... but we'll see. ;-)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Utah trip has been Cancelled!

Due to a sick kid... again!! Ash's turn this time. She spiked a fever the other day and it has yet to subside (goes away with Motrin... then comes back full force). Grrrr!!! I'm sooooo over this stupid flu bug. At least she's the last of our kids to get it. Hopefully we're all done after this!

Oh well.... we're coming in June FOR SURE!!!!! Ricky's good friend is getting married and there is no way we are missing it. So..... if anyone wants to meet up the weekend of the 12th??? let me know!! ;-)