Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Week Five: results

Another week, and another POUND, down!

I lost only 1 lb this week, but I am NOT complaining. March is a crazy month for our family. Between our kids and my sisters kids, there are THREE birthdays, one every weekend just about. Then we have St Pattys day... Fish Fry Fridays (no, we are not Catholic... but the local Catholic Church does Fish Fry Fridays, and it reminds my mom of her childhood.. so we go). So far I've been good, and gotten the baked fish with veggies. BUT...the veggies are smothered in butter... lol, so not very healthy. And I of course can't eat the fish w/o tarter sauce. I usually try and save up most of my points for the dinner though. So far I think I've done well. ;)

This weekend we have ANOTHER birthday.... but I know I'll be okay. I'm going to have fruit and veggie trays at the party, so that will help me not over eat when it comes to the pizza and cake. AND.. with the warming weather... I'm planning to get out for some walks. ;)

So far I'm feeling really good this time around. I'm not losing as fast as I did the first time.... but that's okay. I'm losing and if I keep at this pace I'll be at my goal by the end of April, if not before. AND... if I keep at it... I'll be well below my goal by June!! :) The next step is getting in shape. I'm losing weight.. but I'm flabby.

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