Wednesday, May 16, 2012

gained weight and lost points

To say I've been lax with WW is an understatement. I've been totally doing whatever I want...and it's finally come back to bite me.

I gained this week. I know it's due in part to the fact I overindulged on Mothers Day (read: brunch, with FAB pastries, and then dinner with cheesecake), AND... the fact that E isn't really nursing as much as he used to, yet I've still been using the extra points. He only nurses at night now and I know that's not enough to warrant the extra 7 points per day I was getting when he was nursing more often.

So.... I edited my settings so I'm no longer getting the nursing points, and I'm determined to track every day this week. I've also been trying to get out and walk everyday. The kids have been asking to ride their bikes to school since the weather has been so nice and that means I get to walk them to school and walk back to pick them up. ;) I'm pretty sure it equals out to about 5 miles a day. I need to check it on my car next time I drive to school to be sure.

Either way... I'm moving more so that's a plus. ;)

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